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It's heading into Winter

welcome to the real world she said to me...

storm 15 °C

Well.. It is the first day of October and winter is starting to sneak up behind you and tap you on the shoulder whilst running the other way... (That is such an Al thing to do). It is rainy outside with all sorts of Thunder and Lightning... I had my guitar in hand when it started and for some unknown reason felt it was a good idea to sing Lightning Crashes... I hate the subconscious!

I am a wee bit excited because things are all starting to fall into place... work is awesome.. the school is going well... the students are amazing and making some good friends with the staff team as well... The church work is a bit slow but starting to build momentum! We have a flat sorted out to move into mid october with a good long time mate from NZ... AND!!! This one is hugely cool - I am now speaking at my FIRST camp over here... I can now put INTERNATIONAL speaker on my CV... hehe...

Christine is going well... she is getting some great placements down here in London, but can travel a long way to get there sometimes... the poor wee thing spent 2 hours on the tube the other day trying to meet up with my mum and I for dinner with some relatives only about 5 miles away!!!

We still miss home and welcome any contact!!!

More later!


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We got a place to stay!!!

overcast 20 °C

Hey there...

We have found a flat... that is pretty cool.. I like it when we have a flat!

going to the Cotswolds this weekend with my Ma and Auntya and Uncle from NZ... should be a blast - Christine is in the Isle of Man working, and she goes to Croatia and Italy in a few weeks!

That's all for now...

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No-longer gainfully unemployed

Al's got a job!!!

sunny 31 °C

well... what a week it has been! I had an interview up here in Scotland the other day and was offered the job of Community Youth Worker for a cool organisation called DARE. Supporting a bunch of local schools and Youthy type things in the local town... but whilst waiting to hear back from them... I was offered an interview for a VERY cool job back down in London... I was whisked down on the train and interviewed... stayed with an awesome couple called Rodger and Pauline... they had even been to New Zealand... ANYWAY... had a very exciting day at Davenant School for the role of Chaplain and Community Youth Advisor to the local Anglican churches. The School is a Christian school and it is VERY VERY sweet... real big on Sports, and Real big on performing arts and music... Where was it when I was at high school!?

Anyway... long story short... Al got the job, starts in September and we are moving back to Londontown!

Will be very cool to be nearer to people we know!!!


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Reality Check

The REAL UK story... well... our's anyway.

overcast 18 °C

It's funny... everyone back in NZ that has been over to the UK tells you how AMAZING it is... Christine and I were sitting around the other day... and we were thinking that this isn't really the case. Let's just assume that one isn't into drinking and partying hard for a minute... What else is there here for you... the things that stick out to us the most are:

    The history.
    The deals on stuff
    The lack of service
    the paperwork

It is shocking the lack of customer service and the amount of beauracracy!!! People are really unfriendly on the phone and the banks require so much paper that it is little wonder that the Amazonian rainforest is shrinking faster than England's chances of winning the World Cup!!!

We don't really like being here... everything we love and cherish is in New Zealand.. But we are both people that will make the most of wherever we are... and realise that we can't really make a snap judgement on the place when we have been here such a short time. We know that when we find a church to go to, that things will pick up a bit... we even have a car now... which makes these things more accessible.

I have a major Job interview tomorrow and have to give a 10minute presentation on Volunteer recruitment... this will be an awesome challenge!

Will keep you posted!

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We're heeeeere!

Scotland may need to get a wee bit braver now!

semi-overcast 19 °C

hehe... I figured that rather than replicate our travel update here... I would add a part to our website that helps out... http://ouroe.alronberg.com and then you can do as you see fit!

Anyway... in other exciting news... WE BROUGHT A CAR!!! It is a 1992 VW Golf - 5 Door and 1.4L... It will also have a roof rack! Just for good measure!


Anyway... more later

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